Rules for Bahamas Cruisers in Plain English

Updated: Feb 9

Thanks to Basil Smith, Director of the Association of Bahamas Marinas, for clarifying what the new governmental rules really mean for cruising vessels to The Bahamas.

What does this mean for cruising vessels entering The Bahamas? 

The new protocols take into account, and make allowance for, vessels that depart on their trip in compliance with the RT-PCR test but are delayed in arriving at destination.

What happens if they get tested in Florida and the weather keeps them from coming to The Bahamas within the five days? They are on a boat, likely not close to a testing facility and without land transportation. What can we tell them? How can we advise? 

As long as they have made no stops en route: “they shall be granted a travel health visa upon application and permitted to enter The Bahamas, provided the captain of that vessel can prove at their point of entry into The Bahamas was a direct one with no prior stops to any other ports of call.”

Are there certain places that they can and can’t get tested in The Bahamas within five days of arrival? What are the best places to enter the country? 

The list of testing sites continues to grow. Updates are posted at:

Are there certain islands they can and can’t travel to? 

Travel to Eleuthera and Great Exuma is not permitted at this time. This does not apply to surrounding cays of either island.

Best regards,

Basil Basil SmithExecutive DirectorAssociation of Bahamas Marinas

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PO Box N-7799Nassau, Bahamas

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