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New Bahamas

Print out and insert in your existing 11th edition chartbook for future reference.

10th edition and older editions are now obsolete and should be replaced.

Page 54, Chart BIM 3 Bimini Channel

February 27, 2024

The chart below shows the best route starting at the South Bimini Waypoint and lining up with the range markers on South Bimini. The range is still standing; however, the  range lights are probably not working. Go in close to shore, and follow the shoreline into Alice Town, North Bimini. This is the deepest route and it carries 7-8 feet (2.3 meters).


The alternate route is the northern one into North Bimini from the Bimini Waypoint. The controlling depth is 6.8 feet (1.8 meters). Shoaling is continuous near the entrance to this route.


It is best to arrive in daylight so that you can see the bottom on your way in. It is not recommended that you navigate this route in the dark unless you have been there before and have a good breadcrumb trail.


11th EDITION, published October 2023

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