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Explorer Electronic Data

If you have come to rely on the accuracy of Explorer charts, you will want to ensure that you have the best electronic chart data for your hardware as well.  You wouldn't want to find yourself without Explorer data when you get to the Bahamas. 

Explorer electronic data is on various chart plotters, mobile devices/apps, PCs, and Macs.

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Trusted Explorer-only data comes from:

If you are using RayMarine hardware, please inquire of the company, as Explorer data is available but not on all units. Please note that Explorer data is NOT available on Garmin products, except G2 and earlier versions.

Navigation smartphone apps that include Explorer-only raster data:

Aqua Map - Apple App Store​*

Aqua Map - Google Play Store*

iNavX - Apple App Store

iNavX - Google Play Store


C-Map - Apple App Store

C-Map - Google Play Store


TZ iBoat Apple App Store

*Aqua Map has launched vectorized Explorer data included with subscription

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