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Revised August 2019


Cruisers to the islands are unfortunately not immune to serious medical emergencies that may require treatment beyond the ministrations of the local out island government clinics. With that in mind, it is wise to secure medical air evacuation insurance before you come to the Bahamas. The other alternative is to hire a charter flight or air ambulance on the spot, a much more costly option. Check your personal health insurance (and your credit card issuer) to see what coverage is offered, if any. Some companies include air evacuation in their policies. Most policies also cover return of the remains in the event of death.


Though the following is not an exhaustive list, these are options that you can consider. As you think about your possible needs, make a plan before you depart for the Bahamas or at least have the available services at your fingertips.


CAUTION: Some policies will evacuate you only in “imminent death” circumstances or only from a hospital with a doctor's request. Check out the clauses beforehand. Rates are based on distance and level of care.


Do your research before you leave home. You may want to call some of the following companies to see what they offer and costs of services. This is a fluid, ever-changing business and these companies come and go.


  • Advanced Air Ambulance - from Miami

  • Divers Alert Network - from Duke University, Durham, NC

  • Medical Air Services Association

    • Emergency: 800-643-9023 / Non-emergency: 800-423-3226

    • NAS: 242-393-5048/ FPT: 242-351-5122


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