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Responses to Update Request from Bahamas Businesses

We at Explorer Chartbooks recently sent out a request for updates from Bahamian services and facilities. We are so pleased with the response (below) and will continue to post them as they come in. It is always our purpose on the Bahamas Chatter to keep our cruising subscribers informed of the latest in the Bahamas. Here are the responses, grouped according to our three chartbook areas (Near Bahamas, Exumas and Far Bahamas):




Pineapples ? is open and serving seven days a week starting June 15th….welcome back everyone!!!!


Good morning and great to hear from you.   Bluff House is not open and we are hoping to fully open on the 1st of March 2021. We are working on the dock and the rooms and still cleaning up debris from the top of the hill. Phone number is 1-242-826-0654 or 1-242-824-6231 email is website is will post update on our facebook page Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina

Thank you for checking in!

Kind regards,

Molly McIntosh General Manager Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina (242) – 365 – 4247 (954) – 284 – 8389


Brendals Dive Center & Adventure Tours Harbour View Cart Rentals Green Turtle Cay, Abaco-Bahamas 1-242-365-4411  We are in Stage 4 opening and will be fully open July 1 with all services. Reservations are required for all tours, rentals, services with dates and number of people, location where they are planning to sty. We offer custom packages for all dive services, plus golf cart rentals.

Contact info: 242/365.4411 Thanks, Mary Stevens


All the answers to these questions are changing rapidly depending on the PM’s directives. from what I understand, by the 15th we can resume normal business. 242-577-5487

Heather Moore Johnston Little Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Pete’s Pub & Gallery 242-577-5487



We are presently open to domestic vessels. I have been told that marinas can open June 15th to international vessels. Full Service from the marina, however I can’t confirm the status of our tenants, Poop Deck & Bahama Divers at this time.  Tel: 242-393-8173 Regards, Michael Pinder



We are now open accepting private vessels from all Bahamian Islands.  As of June 15th we are accepting private yachts from the US.  The new protocols by the Government require all persons entering to have had a COVID 19 test within 10 days of arrival. We are open fully except for the restaurant.  That is operating as a Take Out only at present but that may change going forward.  As our restaurant is open air they may allow us to open at a limited capacity soon. Our instructions are being finalized now for guests, they will be the usual, masks must be worn around other guests, practice social distancing.  No large gatherings on the docks. We have hand washing stations set up everywhere for them and all equipment, bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, golf carts and all guest areas are sanitized 3 times per day.  All of our staff are wearing masks at all times. Our food store is fully open but only 4 guests are allowed in at a time and the marina office can only have 1 person at a time (they are both quite small) ? We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back! Take care and best regards Carolyn Cartwright Highbourne Cay P.O. Box SS 6342 Exuma, Bahamas T:242.355.1008 F:242.355.1003 24′ 42′ 53″N  76’49’21″W:


We are definitely ready for the soft opening on June 15th and will be fully opened on July 1st.

We offer marina dockage, water, power, guide services, cottage rentals, recycling and a small souvenir shop with snacks, refreshments, beers, etc.  

Special instructions for guests are to keep hands clean. Stay home if sick!! social distancing and heat checks will be enforced. Guests will not be allowed to touch products unless with intent to buy and only can enter the store if you intend to buy.

Contacts to the island. office number is Locally 1.242.422.7300 Internationally 1.954.253.3860. Emails:;; Website:

Best Regards Trevon Rolle Welcome Home to Compass Cay 242-422-7300


Good afternoon Sara, thanks for checking on us.We are ready to except our guests when we  Open. we are prepared for all our Customers. All our moorings arefully working; i had all of them serviced in December. we just built a new dinghy dock. Cruisers can book the moorings and marina by email at Best regards. Roosevelt Nixon


Hi all is well here in Exuma for now but not sure what will happen once we open back up which I think our government has scheduled for July 1st. However. private planes and boats are allowed in next week. Not exactly sure what paper work they will need or be required so best to go to the government covid web site for the updated info. We are only just coming out of lock down and business opening back up, slowly but surely! All for now, Wendy Rowe



We are willing to let boats come into the marina if they would like to now. This week we will have limited amenities.  Our restaurant will open June 15. We will be fully open June 15

Our services are Hotel, restaurant and bar, Gas and Diesel, ships store, laundry and shower facilities, Pump Outs, Marina, Pool, Concierge grocery service at a fee, rental cars, golf carts, rental boats, charter boats, 

We will be recognizing the Governments instructions to reopen the Bahamas.  Social distancing, Masks recommended and staff required, call ahead ordering at the restaurant, we will be practicing elevated sanitation in high use areas, 6 foot distancing in ship store.

Contact info:  Chris Morris, General Manager,, 242.334.8500. Hours 8-5 daily starting June 8.


ACKLINS ISLAND is “the OutBack at the Southern Edge of the Bahamas where all the marine life of the world reside and where GOD resides” … with absolutely no noise, pollution, traffic, high rise buildings, ATM’s, swimming pools and golf courses!

•  the Bahamas will open its international boarders (air & sea) come 1st July with all visitors presenting proof of negative covid19.corona virus test except BIMINI GRAND BAHAMA EXUMA SAN SALVADOR (-ie Islands with direct INTERNATIONAL airlift (?)

•  Chester’s will continue to provide    –  DIY & FULLY GUIDED BONEFISH     –  DEEP SEA FISHING    –  Snorkeling     –  BED &BREAKFAST Accommodations     –  All Inclusive     –  Auto Rental     –  Ecotours     –  Birding     –  CROOKED ISLAND Tours

•  Narrowed booking/cancellation windows (reminder ACKLINS is a CASH ONLY DISTRICT)

•  PROMO-  FLY free (nass/ack,) private pilots/sailing vessels fuel credit 

•  bring all fish/tackle gear/ personal items 

CHESTER’S CONTACT DETAILS  •      chestershighwayinn@, 

    Phone 1.242.357.4179                  1.242.322.1268  (ph/fx) Blessings!

Arnette ? 242.357.4179

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