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New 9th edition Explorer Chartbook Near Bahamas

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Lewis Offshore Ltd. is announcing the publication of the latest edition in the Explorer stable of chartbooks for the Bahamas:  The EXPLORER CHARTBOOK NEAR BAHAMAS 9TH EDITION, which covers Biminis, Berrys, Abacos, Grand Bahamas, Andros and New Providence.

There are 80 charts in the new book. All charts have been updated with variation on compass roses for 2020, plus much new hydrographic data.

This revision includes four brand new charts:

  1. Victory Cays to South Riding Rock

  2. Great Isaac

  3. Mangrove Cay

  4. Carter Bank (larger scale)

  5. Plus Walkers Cay (new drawing of the marina basin)

Also, you will find the most recent Post-Dorian updates on the Abacos and Grand Bahama facilities and services.

All Need-to-Know Info for each community has been updated, including many new cell phone numbers for local businesses. Land lines are still down in many areas hit by Hurricane Dorian.

Tide Tables are updated for 2021-2022.

The Table of Marinas (spreadsheet of current status of marinas) has been revised as well.

Our new Print on Demand protocol will allow us to make more frequent changes in the future.


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