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Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Here are some responses we got back from a query to update you on what is going on in the Abacos. PLEASE SEND US ANY FIRST-HAND INFORMATION YOU HAVE TO SHARE WITH FELLOW CRUISERS.

GREEN TURTLE CAY: Many repairs going on in Abaco. Green Turtle Cay is doing well all things considered. You can purchase diesel and unleaded gasoline at Green Turtle Club Marina or at Sunset Marine both on Green Turtle Cay

Bluff House Marina 242-824-6231(cell) and restaurant and pool were destroyed but are currently being rebuilt. Beach Bar restaurant (Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar) will be open by the 1st of March, rooms and villas are projected to be available for rent by the 1st of May (maybe a few of the villas in advance of that date. Email for more info on availabilit).

Many restaurants and bars and stores are open, freight boats arriving several times a week bringing in building materials for businesses and home owners that are fixing their homes for rental.

Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina is open.

Regarding COVID: Keep checking the website for updates. There is no quarantining currently unless you test positive while here. We have had no confirmed cases on Green Turtle Cay. We are a port of entry; cruisers should call to arrange clearing and regarding the 5 day Rapid antigen test if staying more than 4 nights. Call Green Turtle Club for more information.

From Bluff House: We thank all of the Cruisers that have helped people on Green Turtle Cay since Hurricane Dorian and want them to know how hard we are working to be able to welcome them back and are in fact welcoming guests back on Green Turtle Cay already. There are volunteers on the island and volunteers from the island that are currently helping to rebuild homes and to provide drinking water, etc. Things are being built back better than ever. Most people are either back in their homes or close to being back after 18 months of living in other people’s homes.

GUANA CAY: Orchid Bay Marina is presently open from Monday – Saturday from 7:00 – 1:00 pm for fuel and boats coming in. Our restaurant is not open at this time. We have gas, diesel, ice, electricity, water and gift shop items. Orchid Bay’s land line 242-365-5175 is working.

Grocery store is rebuilding on the front street. The original Guana Harbour grocery is not reopening.

Grabbers Bar and Restaurant has reopened; Mama’s Takeaway has reopened; Guana Lumber and dive Guana too.

At present, a negative COVID test is required upon entering the Bahamas. After being here 5 days you must have the rapid test done. They apparently have done away with the quarantine. It appears that the cases in Abaco have decreased.

LITTLE HARBOUR, ABACO: At Pete’s Pub & Gallery, the Johnstons are overjoyed to be able to welcome everyone back. Please don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns. They hope to see you soon. Greg & Heather Johnston 242-357-6648 242-577-5487

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