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Inside Report on COVID

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

From a cruiser in Spanish Wells, we had this up-to-date report on real-time experience:

Generally, Store owners are requiring people to wear masks inside their businesses.

Yachtsmen are cooperating with wearing masks in public.

“With the Bahamas policy we feel pretty sure that most newly arrived cruisers are negative (especially after the second test) but most cruisers are not socializing with each other.”

The concern among the cruising community is being careful not to get COVID from the locals.

Two private clinics in Spanish Wells

Eagles Landing on Main Street (fee for testing)

Bahamas Wellness Eagles Landing on Main Street

242-333-4869 or 242-359-7555 M-F


Sat/Sun appt only



Free private clinic

Bonnie Symonette


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