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Changes at Chub Cay

From a fellow cruiser:

Please be advised that Chub Cay Marina, in the Berry Islands, has suddenly stopped letting cruisers on anchor to step foot on the Island.

They no longer offer the $100 Adventure card or day passes.

Since we read the Explorer Chartbook Near BahamasNeed-To-Know on page 62 and had friends stay here a couple weeks ago and love it, we decided to wait out bad weather here.

So now we are stuck here and they refuse to let us go into the store to purchase a few groceries and beer and wine.

Last night we had a local friend try to pick us up at the dingy dock to go to the Nauti Rooster with them but again we were stopped at the dingy dock.

They still expect the $100 landing fee to clear customs but now they won’t let you go to the store to spend it!!!

Of course you can still pay $4.25 a foot to dock.

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