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Cautions: Clearing Customs in Bimini

There have been reports from cruisers having trouble clearing Customs in Bimini, mainly Bimini Cove.

Here is what we are able to learn:

*Cruisers can clear at the South Bimini Airport only if there are both Customs and Immigration officers present. Since Silver Airways doesn’t fly in every day (the only American airline to fly in to Bimini), there are not always both officers at the airport. Therefore, cruisers will be directed by ferry to North Bimini to clear in. The office is at Big Game Club.

*Bimini Cove doesn’t always answer the phone or the radio, so it is hard to determine if both officers are at the airport. During business hours, you can call the Customs office on North Bimini to find out. Mr. Ferguson is the boss at 242-347-3100.

*Cruisers MUST complete the Click2Clear requirements before coming to Customs. Otherwise, they will be turned away. Customs does not always have a working computer and officials are not very cooperative or helpful.

*Click2Clear is a Bahamas government app that is NOT user-friendly. It often has problems. They are working on making it easier to use. Meanwhile, you have to do the best you can.

* If one has problems with the Click2Clear, Stephen Kappeler, GM at Bimini Big Game Club, has made a computer available in the hotel lobby and is very helpful to those who are having trouble.

*The easiest way to clear Customs in Bimini is to stay at the Big Game Club. Another alternative is to take the inner channel all the way up to Resorts World where you can also clear Customs. (Not sure if they have Immigration all the time.) You can try calling them at ‭(242) 347-6100‬.

*If you still have problems, call Bahamas Customs in Nassau at 242-604-3125 or Immigration 242-322-7530 to ask for assistance and report the problem.

*One final thought: Remember that you are a guest in a foreign country and you have to play by their rules. Politeness, patience, and kindness will be highly beneficial."


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