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Returning to the US

From Chris Parker:

We heard from a client who tried to clear into Miami Monday and was turned away, but we are not sure of the details.

We have heard from other clients who did clear into difficult places (USVI and PuertoRico Ports which were supposedly closed) with no hassle at all by using the US Customs and Border Patrol ROAM app. So if you are eligible, use the ROAM app.

LakeWorth Inlet may be a good option for some. There may be other options as good as or better than LakeWorth Inlet, but here’s what we know with reasonable certainty as of today for LakeWorth Inlet / WestPalmBeach: Riviera Beach Marina has fuel for transients. CBP office in the area, and there is an anchorage. Palm Beach Sailing Club (offers a discount for SSCA members), is maintaining access to showers, dingy dock, parking lot, mail acceptance, and other services useful for transients. Please be respectful of limiting interaction with staff and other COVID-19 dictated modifications of normal Club activities:

We believe the information above is correct as of Wed8, but as they say “your mileage may vary”, and of course the COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly.

If you have updated information on COVID-19 related stuff of interest to Cruisers, please send it to, and/or send it to and we’ll forward it to WaterwayGuide and/or Noonsite as appropriate.

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