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Change in Customs Fee


In the Explorer Chartbooks "Customs" article, there is a change in the fee schedule for clearing Customs. The fee for over 200 ft for a year is $1,600, NOT $2,000 as stated in our chartbooks.

Under 35ft--$150 for 3 months; $300/yr

35ft--100ft-- $300 for 3 months; $600/yr

100-150ft--$500 for 3 months; $1,000/yr

150-200ft--$800 for 3 months; $2,000/yr

Over 200ft--$1,000 for 3 months; $1,600/yr

Also, there are no extra fees charged for officers’ transportation. Even though Customs officers at certain locations will charge an extra transportation or weekend fee, this is not the policy of the Bahamas Customs Department in Nassau. Call Customs 242-604-3125 if you feel you have been overcharged.

The cruising permit fees include:

· Cruising Permit fees

· Fishing Permit fees

· Attendance fees for both Bahamas Customs and Immigration Officers

· Transportation fees for both Bahamas Customs and Immigration Officers

· Re-entry of vessel if within 90 days.

But there is a passenger arrival tax of $20.00 per person which is applicable for any pleasure vessel that brings more than three crew/passengers or above the age of six years who is not a resident of The Bahamas.

ITU Help Desk

Bahamas Customs & Excise Department

Tel. No.: 604-3004 through 3007/3010/3011/3013/3014/3033

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