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FAR BAHAMAS, FIFTH EDITION, JANUARY 2011   (Older editions are now obsolete and should be replaced with the fifth edition.)

  • p. 66 MAY 1: The 200 meter contour (blue line) should be outside (deeper) of the shaded shallower contours near Acklins Island and the Plana Cays. (posted December 8, 2013)

  • p. 75 TC 1: The 11 t 67 meter soundings near the lower right corner indicate depths on the west end of the Mouchoir Bank and shaded contours should be shown here. Much of the Mouchoir Bank has not been surveyed. (posted December 8, 2013)

  • May 2013, TURKS AND CAICOS MARINAS: The Leeward Marina, located on the Leeward Going Through on Providenciales, (Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas, p. 81 Chart TC 6), has just recently reopened for business under the new name of Blue Haven Marina. They will be completely up and running by the end of May with fuel, bar and grill all slated to be open from that time. The bar and grill will actually be open on the 1st of May with fuel to follow.

    They are planning to dredge over the summer period to take the mean low controlling depth back to 12 feet as it is currently only 8.5 feet mean low.  (posted April 18, 2013)

  • September 2012, NEW CUSTOMS FEES for Cruising Permit: Yachts under 30 feet, $150; yachts over 30 feet, $300. 

  • p. 4 OVERVIEW CHART  The distance between Chub Cay and Goulding Cay waypoints should be 30 NM.  (posted April 14, 2011)

  • p. 6 CHART EL1: The light at Little Harbour Abaco (Fl 4s 19m 10M) was destroyed by Hurricane Irene. (posted November 14, 2011)

  • pp. 7, 9, 19 CHARTS EL 2, 3, 13 and 13A –The Hatchet Bay light is no longer working.  The pole is standing but the light is missing.(posted February 16, 2012)

  • pp. 7, 9, 19 CHARTS EL 2, 3, 13, 13A– The Hatchet Bay light is not working. The light is missing but the pole is standing. (posted February 8, 2012)

  • p. 14 Need-to-Know Info--The Bluff:  Not too long ago, this small settlement received an economic boost from the real estate development at Royal Island.  Now that the development is on hold, the town has folded in on itself with not many places of business open--no grocery stores and no eating places.  (posted February 16, 2012)

  • p. 14 Chart EL8 and EL8A: No further construction has occurred on Royal Island since 2009.  The development company has said that they will be continuing construction in the future but no equipment or personnel have been seen in the area other than security guards.  No marina development has occurred and the harbour is open to vessels wishing to anchor there.  It is unknown whether the red and green entrance lights have been maintained by the developer.  It would be wise not to anchor near the ro-ro ramp at 25° 30.917'N/76° 50.881'W given the possibility of any freighter using it in the future. (posted November 29, 2011)

  • p. 15 Spanish Wells Need-to-Know Info:  MOORINGS:  $20/day, available in east end of harbour from Bandit on VHF 16. (posted November 14, 2011)

  • p. 16 Need-to-Know Info Spanish Wells: Under new ownership is the Savory Isles Restaurant, located where the former Teen Planet restaurant was. There is sturdy new tackle on the  moorings in the eastern harbour. The mooring fee has increased to $20/night. Call “Bandit” on VHF 16 to arrange to pick up a mooring.  (posted February 16, 2012) 

  • p. 17 Need-to-Know Info--The Bogues:  At Lower Bogue, the government dock has not been repaired since Hurricane Irene and landing is not permitted (nor recommended).  There is a new 3Ts Grocery at Lower Bogue and also Home Town Trading variety store.  The construction of a new ferry terminal to Harbour Island is in progress.  (posted February 16, 2012)

  • p. 18 Need-to-Know Info--Gregory Town:  Much is closed there since our last visit.  Thompson Brothers Grocery and Bakery are no longer open.  The Sugar Apple Inn is also closed as is The Cove Eleuthera.  Hurricanes and economic downturn are readily seen in this part of the island.  (posted February 16, 2012)  

  • p. 19 Need-to-Know Info--Between Gregory Town and Hatchet Bay, there is good news for those who love fresh organic produce.  The Hearty Mow Farmlands is growing some lovely produce and it can even be accessed by dinghy at a low tide beach nearby.  For the adventuresome, the coordinates are 25* 20.77 N/76* 27.42 W.  It's worth a dinghy ride in settled weather to hike the path over to the highway to the farm.  Soon they expect to open a little restaurant on the spot, but for now, the owners deliver desserts and produce to the government dock at Hatchet Bay.  You can call Equilla and Marilyn LaFleur at 242-470-5975 or 456-4442.  (posted February 16, 2012)  

  • pp. 39, 40 CHART  RUM 1, 2--Rum Cay, entrance to Sumner Point Marina has shoaled.  Larger catamarans cannot fit inside.  Buoys mark the channel.  (posted February 16, 2012  

  • p. 49 CHART LI 7– The Conch Cay Harbour entrance is blocked by a sandbar that goes across the entire channel.  Only a dinghy could get in at high tide. (posted February 2, 2012)

  • p. 53 Need-to-Know Info Clarence Town:  MARINA: Flying Fish Marina 242-337-3430  (posted March 29, 2013)

  • Need-to-Know Info Crooked Island: Hurricane Irene brought 140-mile-an-hour winds to the west side of the island uprooting large casuarina trees and causing much beach erosion. (posted March 26, 2012)

  • p. 62 Need-to-Know Info Salina Point, Acklins: On the main road from the dock, the  convenience store (with very limited supplies) and the Ocean View Guest House and Restaurant are open. There are five clean and adequate rooms (complete with television). The restaurant and bar are pleasant; however, menu items may be sparse as the mailboat does not come regularly to Spring Point. Hurricane Irene impacted Delectable Bay and Spring Point more than Salina Point. (posted March 26, 2012) 

  • p. 64 Need-to-Know Info Spring Point, Acklins: You can get high-speed Internet at the BTC office if you bring your laptop into the office. Technicians are currently working on the 4G equipment with even faster speeds. The north end of the settlement was hit the worst with many roofs damaged. According to the island's Chief Counselor, the government has approved the building of 18 homes for families whose homes were damaged beyond repair. Although the clinic has been repaired, the new island doctor's residence still needs a new roof.  Club Rolex's roof was very heavily damaged and the restaurant/bar has moved across the street until repairs are made.  (posted March 26, 2012) 

  • p. 68, Chart MAY 2 and p. 69, Need-to-Know Info Mayaguana: Fuel is no longer available from Arthur Williamson, trading as Mayaguana Petroleum, at the small basin at Northwest Point.  Vessels transiting the area should not plan on refueling at Mayaguana. (posted February 7, 2013)

  • TIDE TABLES for 2012 and 2013--heights are in feet rather than centimeters.  (posted April 14, 2011)

Print out these sheets and insert them in your existing chartbooks for future reference. Buy the latest revision: Exumas and Ragged Islands, 6th edition, Fall 2010; Far Bahamas, 5th edition January 2011; Near Bahamas, 6th edition, Summer 2011.



Article Edited on Sunday, 08 December 2013 20:26  

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