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FAR BAHAMAS, SIXTH EDITION, JANUARY 2015   (Older editions are now obsolete and should be replaced with the fifth edition.)

  • P. 21 GOVERNORS HARBOUR NEED-TO-KNOW INFO: Under MARINAS, change French Leave Marina phone number to 242-332-3777.

  • P. 74, 77, and 78, Charts TC 1, TC2, and TC3: The Turks and Caicos Government operates a radar surveillance station that monitors vessels entering and departing their territorial waters.  Vessels entering or leaving the twelve mile limit can contact the station by calling “Provo Radio”. The station operates 24/7 on VHF Channels 16 and 64 and also broadcasts navigational warnings and weather forecasts.

    The radar and radio transmitters are mounted on a 40 meter tower located in the South Dock area on Providenciales at 21° 44.44' N/72° 16.26' W. See Chart TC 3, page 78, Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas, Sixth Edition. (Posted February 26, 2016)

  • Print out these sheets and insert them in your existing chartbooks for future reference. Buy the latest revision: Exumas and Ragged Islands, 6th edition, Fall 2010; Far Bahamas, 5th edition January 2011; Near Bahamas, 6th edition, Summer 2011.



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