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NOTICE TO EXPLORERS NEAR BAHAMAS Sixth Edition, Summer 2011 (Older editions are obsolete and should be replaced with the 6th edition)

pp 52 & 55 Charts BIM 1 & BIM 3A: Construction of an ocean ship pier has begun off the west coast of North Bimini near the Bimini Bay Resort.  The current offshore end of the construction site is near 25° 45.054' N/79° 17.270' W. The construction currently consists of large steel pilings, floating hawsers, and possible underwater obstructions. It is unknown at this time what characteristics of any lights in the area may be. Mariners traveling the area should use caution and steer well clear of the area. (Posted February 4, 2014)
  • pp 56 & 58: The 71m red and white lattice steel BTC tower at Great Harbour Cay (25°45'N 077°52'W) previously reported destroyed has been replaced with a new tower of the same approximate height with a flashing red light (Fl R) at the top.   (Posted September 14, 2013)

    pp. 16 and 17 CHART 6: The course shown from Morgans Bluff to West Bay is incorrectly labeled "MORGANS BLUFF - GOULDING CAY. (posted May 25, 2013)

  • p. 59 CHART BER 5 and p. 60 CHART BER 6: The highest elevation shown on Cabbage Cay should be 10 meters and the contour shown here should be 6 meters. (posted May 25, 2013)

  •  pp. 56 & 58 CHARTS BER 1 & 4: The 71m red and white lattice steel BTC tower at Great Harbour Cay (25°45'N 077°52'W) is no more.  In its place are three perhaps 15m telephone poles with a single microwave dish and a red light. (Posted May 16, 2013)

  • pages 17, 61, 62, and 63 - Charts 6, BER 7, BER 8, & BER 9:  The sectored light at Lower Chub Point (Fl WR 10s 13m 7M) no longer exists; neither does the red nun buoy (R "4") shown on the charts along the Chub Cay Club entrance channel. (posted April 4, 2013)

  • p. 16 CHART 6 and p. 63 Chart AN 1: The Russel Beacon and the Northwest Channel Light have been destroyed.  No sign of the Russel Beacon Steel Pole was found on April 16, 2013.  The posibility exists that some remnant of the pole could remain under water and be a hazard.  The Northwest Channel Light pole is broken off and doubled over awash at the approximate level of Mean High Water and should be considered a hazard. (posted April 4, 2013)

  • p. 50 Chart GB 5:  Recently a number of boats have encountered problems transiting the Sunrise channel.  The channel is very narrow and the controlling depth may currently be less than one meter at low water due to recent shoaling.  Good weather and light conditions are necessary when entering the channel.  Slow speed, a good vantage point on the boat, and extra caution are necessary as rocks from the weather damaged jetties may have shifted to partially block the channel.  The red flashing marker shown on Chart GB 5 has been destroyed and the inner pair of markers are not shown on the chart.  Mariners may try calling Knowles Marine Yacht Services for assistance.  Once inside the marina basin, depths will be 3 meters or deeper. (posted December 8, 2012) 

  • p 51 CHART GB 6: The Grand Bahama Yacht Club closed during the past summer and remains closed.  Dockage and fuel are available at the Port Lucaya Marina nearby in the same basin. (posted December 8, 2012)

  • p. 22 CHART  AB 4:  The course and distance shown between LUCAYA and MORES ISLAND waypoints should be 286° T 54.9 nm 106° T and the angle of the course line should be redrawn accordingly. (posted December 5, 2012) 

  • p. 3: NEW CUSTOMS FEES for Cruising Permit: Yachts under 30 feet, $150; yachts over 30 feet, $300. (posted September, 2012)

  • p. 9 CHART  2 & p.10 CHART 3:  An isolated coral head has been found on the Little Bahama Bank approximately 0.6 nm north of the course between Mangrove Cay and Sale South waypoints.  A depth of 1.4 meters at SLW has been measured over the highest part of the head.  The coral head is located at 26° 55.014' N/78° 26.763' W. (posted April 2, 2012) 

  • Need-to-Know Info: Update for Abacos (posted March 26, 2012) --      

 Spanish Cay: Off-season dockage is currently $1/ft. 

Green Turtle Cay: Crazy Love is a new bakery and restaurant in the New Plymouth settlement. Both Laura’s Kitchen and the New Plymouth Inn restaurants have closed. There is no dinghy landing at the government freight boat dock; it was destroyed by Hurricane Irene and has not been rebuilt. Landing is possible at the ferry boat dock inside the settlement harbour.

Great Guana Cay: Bambi Café is a new restaurant opened at the government dock in the harbor. Moorings in Fishers Bay from Dive Guana are now $20/night. There is no regular trash pickup on the island.

Man-o-War Cay: Bradleys Restaurant has replaced the former Hibiscus Café.

Hope Town, Elbow Cay: The new docks are open with full services at Hope Town Marina (formerly Club Soleil) and the restaurant is slated to open in March or April of 2012.

Treasure Cay: The four remaining moorings are still $12/night and the fee for anchoring is $10/night.

Marsh Harbour: Irene appears to have little effect on facilities and services here.

Lubbers Quarter: Lubbers Landing offers a waterside restaurant and environmentally friendly rental cottages.

Little Harbour: The settlement and harbour remain the same.  

  • p. 16 CHART 6 & p. 63 CHART AN 1:   The Northwest Channel Light is extinguished.  (posted 2/16/12)

  • p. 37 Need-to-Know Info--MOORINGS change price to $20/day from Dive Guana (posted 2/2/12)

  • p. 28 CHART AB 10, p.11 CHART 3, & p.13 CHART 4:  The light on west end of Crab Cay (Fl 5s 11M) was destroyed by Hurricane Irene. (posted 11/14/11)

  • p. 45 CHART AB 23 & p. 13 CHART 4: The light at Little Harbour (Fl 4s 19m 10M) was destroyed by Hurricane Irene. (posted 11/14/11) 

  • p. 35 CHART AB 15  The wreck of a stranded barge on the coral reef near 26° 35.4' N/76° 58.2' W previously reported removed does still exist at the same location. The wreck has partially broken up and may not be visible in all conditions. (posted 2/27/14) 



Print out these sheets and insert them in your existing chartbooks for future reference. Buy the latest revision: Exumas and Ragged Islands, 6th edition, Fall 2010; Far Bahamas, 5th edition January 2011; Near Bahamas, 6th edition, Summer 2011.





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